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Keeps your Internet habits and activities private by hiding the IP
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IP Hider is a privacy utility that masks an IP address to make Internet surfing private by erasing traces from Internet Service Providers and websites. The application also blocks malicious codes that inadvertently retrieve information from the computers while surfing.

The program's interface consists of a single window, where all options are placed on the left side. At the bottom of the interface the users can choose different proxies from a list on a drop down menu, making them available to a new list, where they can be tested.

IP Hider is available for Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, and Avant, but the trial version only works with Internet Explorer. After testing and choosing a proxy the users can launch their preferred browser; it will take some seconds, while an informational page with the proxy server system comes up, before being redirected to the homepage or to the requested address.

This version includes Windows 7 support. There is also a cleaning utility to clear history, cookies, visited URLs, and temporary Internet files.

With IP Hider users can Block ActiveX & Javascripts, have protection from hackers, be unbanned from websites, clear tracks and much more.

Max Santillana
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  • Hides your IP
  • Clears surfing traces
  • Supports popular Web browsers
  • Chooses different proxies


  • Slow
  • Some websites become unaccessible
  • Does not work outside UK, USA, France, Germany
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